Do It YourSelf Data Recovery projects

“I have (Fill in the blank here)…..

 I used free data recovery software I downloaded from the Internet but they all failed and stated “Could not read data, bad sectors”.

 So I attempted to open my (Fill in the blank here)….. which was a bad idea.

 My plan is to buy the same make and model (Fill in the blank here)…..  and replace the PCB (or heads or whatever else they read on the Internet to fix their perceived problem) if that does not work I wanted to know how much it would cost to recover my data? “

Do it Yourself recovery is a common occurrence today in the data recovery industry. Just look at Youtube for the number of DIY recovery videos posted regularly. There are many legitimate data recovery companies offering advice on doing data recovery there but they all recommend if you want your data back contact a reputable data recovery company to get your data back.

So is there any time that DIY recovery can be acceptable? Certainly, but not in every situation and not for every skill level. First of all a data recovery company when it receives a hard drive has to identify where the drive failure is occurring. Watching a Youtube video or listening to it click will not tell the untrained where the exact problem is, and in fact misdiagnosing the issue can lead to doing a DIY recovery method that could make things even more worse then you started.

Data recovery specialists spend a lot of time, money, training and tool acquisition to identify, repair and recover your data. So the next time you decide that a DIY project is a good idea, think about how much the data is worth and can you live without it.

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